The Finest CS:GO Betting Websites You Have To Try Out

What’s first thing comes to your mind when you think about a shooter? Are there any immediate associations? Counter-Strike, right?

The legendary game firstly reached an audience in 1999 and since then it is still a leading product on the market. Having evolved much, today thousands of players worldwide can’t get their eyes of the finest version – Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).

Upgraded features, various maps, selection of weapons and excellent gameplay is what makes CS:GO favorable and attractive. The game hits the top three most played online games.

We can say with confidence that CS:GO is not only an online game. It’s a part of the modern culture, the driving force of eSport development and a role model for game developers. It is fascinating how the game managed to attract so many people. For most CS:GO is a hobby or even one of the means to generate income.

CS:GO gambling sites, tournaments, streams, videoblogs – it’s all around us today. However, if you are a newcomer that wants discover the realm of online gaming or a professional who wants to grab some tips on how to bet efficiently, the following text is what you needed. In the ultimate guide, you will find all the inside information on how to play, where to bet and generally what to know before joining CS-community.

Prime CS:GO Gambling Sites

Last Updated: July 2020

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Where It Started?

Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter. For its development is responsible the well-known Valve Corporation – the company that also gave us Dota 2. Originally, Counter-Strike emerged on the market in 1999 and was a huge success. Teenagers ran home to shoot virtually. Little did we know, eventually the upgraded version of the game would become a finest eSport member and that fortune can be made on betting on it.

The CS:GO was revealed 12 years later than the predecessor and was a completely updated program with fresh and modern gameplay and characteristics. Interestingly enough, this year an offline version appeared, where players can confront bots.

The main innovations in the late story are maps, weapons, and modes. Moreover, fresh patches allow users to switch on various music and are introduced to eliminate the game from cheaters and hackers.

The rapid development of the game brought along CS:GO tournaments and gambling as well. Today eSport is directly associated with the games like CS and contests, in a similar way as with Dota 2. It creates a powerful and dynamic community, where professionals, newbies, fans and gamblers are gathered. There are numerous gambling sites for the CS:GO betting, which is so trendy these days.

Inside The Game CS:GO

Although CS:GO from a glance can appear as a standard shooter, it has a lot of layers underneath, which are worth to be aware of.


10 players divided into two groups of 5 start the match. They either join the Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists. Depending on the role you choose, your hero has different appearance.

The goal and on whose side the victory will depend on the team you joined.

  • Terrorists seek to plant bombs and keep the hostages.
  • Counter-terrorists defuse the bomb and set hostages free.

Along with these side mission, both teams have to eliminate the rivals. There are special spots where one can plant the bomb and the other find captives. However, if all of the opponents are killed, the match finishes and the team wins.

Eight modes are available in the game. Let’s discover it’s unique features.


  1. Competitive – a standard 5×5 mode with basic rules of CS. To win the team has to succeed in 16 matches in Hostage Rescue or Bomb Defusal modes, which were mentioned above. Also, earn skills and reach higher levels of professionalism. Think about the strategy, buy armor, manage the economy and complete side mission to emerge victoriously.
  2. Wingman – the difference here is that you get to play 2×2, so you can join a mode with a friend. The common rules of the CS:GO apply here, so the winner is the one who beats the opponents 16 times and completes either of the side missions.
  3. Casual – a perfect mode for newcomers. Learn the basics and improve your skills. Recently, newbies have to upgrade to 3 level at least to try out other modes, apart from Casual. The terrific option here is that you play individually and all features are given to you automatically.
  4. Deathmatch – a rapidly changing mode, where the character quickly respawns with limited time to gain armor. The player earns points depending on the weapon used for the killing.
  5. Arms Race – with every killing the player gets next weapon, making progress in the game. When he kills a rival with the final arm, which golden knife, the match finishes. Also, the character immediately reappear after being killed.
  6. Demolition – the mode provides players with basic weapons in the beginning. As you succeed in killings, you get a more upgraded arm. Plus, you take turns to seize or defend a bomb site on different maps.
  7. Flying Scoutsman – two weapons, 8 players and shooting on the move available. To get a title of a champion you have to prevail in 9 matches.
  8. Weapons Course – offline mode to learn the common rules of CS, get better in the shooting, defuse and plant bombs. Meet a convenient mode to sort out the game’s special features.


One should not downplay the role of maps in the game. They hide many loopholes and premises, so it vital to learn them backwards and forwards to succeed. In the same time the developers continue adding the maps, so usually gamers focus on two-three maps and upgrade the skills there.

Here is a brief description of the maps, worth checking out:

  1. Dust II – a Middle East city
  2. Mirage – somewhere in Morocco
  3. Inferno – scenic Italian location
  4. Train – train depot in Russia
  5. Cache – Chernobyl Power Plant location
  6. Overpass – urban Berlin
  7. Cobblestone – country farmhouse
  8. Nuke – German Nuclear Plant


CS:GO is not a typical shooter. It’s not only about your speed and accuracy. The vital point you should remember is that CS is a team game. Your own skills don’t save the day unless you coordinate the actions.

When you sort out the rules, discovered the hidden paths, memorized key commands and grasped control over the situation in the match, you can start looking for mates, who will create a perfect team with you.

Afterward, you should divide the roles in the game. Stop there for a minute and thinks, what is your strength in the game? Are you a sniper? Are you a spy? When you figure out your advantage as an individual in the game, you should take the role. Either you own a sniper rifle or plant bombs – you just have to know, what’s your comparative advantage among other players. To find out the answer it’s best to try yourself in various roles first.

It is a social game with communication and team spirit being the essential part of it. As long as you are with like-minded people, you will come up with accurate and precise strategies.

Weapons and economy

There is a huge range of armor in CS:GO and it will take you some time to identify and differentiate them all. Each weapon has typical features. You will understand what to use in various situations only when you try them all.

Some of the guns can accurately hit the target from a distance, others are good in a close fight. Some have convenient rear sight whereas others reload quickly.

At the beginning of a match each team owns a sum of money. It allows the team to buy the basic guns. With each killing, planting or defusing the bomb, etc., all of you earn money. This is a part where your economic strategy matters. How will you allocate money? Either buy cheap weapons to save money for later or do the opposite. The decisions you make influence course of the game for your team.

Why CS:GO Is A Cultural Phenomenon?

There is no point in arguing that CS:GO is a king of shooters. Years passed since the release, but the demand and reputation of the game are only increasing. Why is that so?

  1. It is engaging both newbies and professionals equally. Beginners can quickly get into the game due to its convenient gameplay and instructions. Pros constantly face various scenarios of matches.
  2. CS:GO is multilevel. If it appears a classical shooter at first glance, then you notice how many adventures it hides. Each session is a brand-new experience.
  3. Players fall in love with graphic design of the game. You can actually imagine yourself the first-person hero and feel the tension of the match.
  4. Wide range of modes and maps don’t fatigue. You feel you can express yourself in numerous ways.
  5. The social aspect of the game make players feel that they are involved in a community of people who share their interests.
  6. Regular updates do not allow the game to become obsolete or irrelevant.
  7. CS:GO betting makes users get attracted to the video game.

CS:GO Tournaments

As a notable phenomenon in a game world, there are CS:GO contests with an enormous financial prize for the winner. They are held annually in separate cities around the globe. One of the dominants is called Majors. The lucky guy can win up to millions.

In India the notable championships are COBX Masters and Dew Arena with impressive prizes as well. There are also such reputable tournaments such as U Cypher and NGS Championship.

A dominant Asia event is eXTREAMSLAND with the final match held in China. Here the South-East countries, as well as Australia and New Zeland, gather to determine the winner of CS:GO through tense online fighting.

At last, ELEAGUE is a famous championship held in the USA and broadcasted live all over the world.

CS:GO Trade Sites

During the matches you can find skins, which are basically accessories to the appearance of your character, his weapon, etc. You can trade them on the market for something else you need or sell to earn money. If you are wondering where to do it, that’s the first-ranked websites to visit:

  • Csmoney – trades skins securely and efficiently.
  • Csgowap – stylish multi-trading site with lots of options for users.
  • Lootfarm – secure trading, but outdated website’s design.
  • Skinscash – sell and buy skins quickly and efficiently whenever you need it

Tips For CS:GO Betting

    1. Read statistics and catch up with latest news to stay informed and make successful bets.
    2. Start with small sums and bet on obvious winners to feel what gambling is like.
    3. Don’t go out of your budget.
    4. Listen to the experts and read the history of teams and players before betting, watch their streams if possible.
    5. Analyze the mistakes you make and keep track of successful bets.

Future Of eSports

The eSports is a colossal part of video game culture. The championships are organized in various parts of the Earth and draw enormous attention of media, players, and fans. Half a billion people are expected to become an audience for eSport broadcasts in the following year, which, in turn, generates great sums for the market.

In recent years even Olympic Committee raised concern about the status of eSports and whether or not the contests should be included as a sporting activity to the Olympic games. However, the decision is still not made as the Olympics sees violence in video games as a barrier to participation.

The modern eSport pushes the boundaries of the traditional perception of the sport. Experts say, that in the USA there are more millennials watching eSports than baseball or basketball. It is obvious that ignoring the fast-growing popularity of eSports is silly. The world changes every day and so the worldviews on the topic have no other choice than expand.

eSports industry generates millions and is expected to reach the mark of $1 billion next year. We can only guess how considerable the industry will become in the coming years.

eSports bring lots of advantages for the participants. Those who play become pros and get impressive prizes. Those who watch, either enjoy the show or bet. And the eSports gambling is rags to riches story, about which a lot of people dream.

Prime CS:GO Streamers

It’s exciting to watch others play. Moreover, it’s a good opportunity to learn some tricks or pick up tips for strategy making. Here is who you should check out:

      • Swag – a young and aspiring professional, whose streams get up to 900 000 views;
      • AndreN – a generous player on tricks and tips. He is a stunning teacher if you plan to dive into the CS:GO;
      • n0thing – a legendary player who doesn’t skimp on advice on the game style;
      • Steel – a true expert of CS:GO, who impresses with his knowledge everyone;
      • Hiko – an inspiring professional with an incredibly popular stream.

Leading CS:GO Teams

These are the guys you should pay attention to:

      • Astralis
      • Natur Vincere
      • Liquid
      • FaZe
      • MIBR
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